Closing space under stairs: sloping stair cupboard finish by Marina

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2 minutes

Make a functional hallway cupboard under your stairs yourself

Do you see that unused space under your stairs and wonder how you can use it practically and beautifully? Marina has created an inspiring DIY project by transforming this space into a stylish hallway cupboard. A simple solution for extra storage space that you can make yourself!

Octuating between style and function

With its sleek finish and the choice of MDF Primed 18 mm, the underside of the stairs has been transformed into an attractive storage location. The primed surface makes the panel easy to paint. The sloping design of the cupboard doors makes use of every centimeter under the stairs, while at the same time adding a playful element.

A smart solution in the hall

The hall is often the first thing you see. you see when you enter a house. It is therefore crucial to furnish this space not only practically, but also stylishly. Marina's homemade hallway cupboard under the stairs radiates peace and order and is a perfect example of how you can transform a space with simple means.

Why should you make this stair cupboard yourself?

Flexibility is one of the biggest advantages of this project. You can have the MDF cut to size at and have it fit perfectly to your own stairs. This saves money and ensures that the project becomes truly unique. Moreover, working with custom-sawn panels gives you the freedom to choose any type of material and finish you have in mind.

The stylish finish of Marina's project

In this project, the modern, minimalist style harmonizes with the interior. The clean lines and fresh appearance give the hall a tidy feeling and at the same time offer a practical solution for storage.

The advantages of MDF Primed 18 mm

MDF Primed 18 mm is ideal for this kind of projects. It is a strong material that is easy to saw to size. Plus, the base coat has already been applied, which means you have less prep work before painting. It is a versatile material that allows you to work with precision and ease. This makes MDF Primed 18 mm a sensible choice for anyone who wants to realize a simple, but tailor-made DIY project such as the handy stair cupboard from Marina.

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How next?

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