Custom industrial open oak cabinet, by Jasper

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2 minutes


An open oak cabinet that fits nicely in a niche in my new house. The oak is dark varnished and runs upwards like a snake. In between I painted black "windows" made of cheap pine wood with good black paint, which makes the cabinet look as if it is half-metal, half-wood.
Inspiration was gained via Pinterest, so it is not 100% original ;).

Oak cabinet for a niche

First I measured the niche for the necessary dimensions of the cabinet. Then I made a 3D drawing using the free software "onshape". (Don't worry, this isn't actually necessary, but it's fun to try). I then simply ordered 7 planks of 35.0cm by 1 meter and 6 planks of 35.0cm by 30.0cm. (I seem to remember a thickness of 2.6 cm). I then bought a set of pine beams at a local hardware store, 4.0 cm thick and 2.5 cm wide, which I sawed to size myself (this was also possible via this website, but they did not have my desired thickness, otherwise I would certainly have done that because these men/women can cut better than I could ever manage in my small shed). Then everything was neatly sanded and rounded and everything varnished and painted (sometimes a seriously time-consuming job). I then inextricably connected all interfaces between all parts by drilling holes on both sides and using 1000+ dowels and a tube of wood glue ;). It took some paying attention and drilling exactly that was needed for this (I made a drilling plate so that I always drilled the same pattern on both sides).
And then I had a cupboard. Relatively simple, 10x cheaper than purchasing from a furniture store and 100x more beautiful of course!

The external dimensions of the project

2 meters high, 35.0 cm deep and 1 meter wide.


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