Floating bookcase made of oak, by Bernard

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2 minutes


Floating oak bookcase that matches the kitchen for cookbooks. The cupboard is open and only has a frame with shelves. This gives the whole thing an 'airy' atmosphere that is not at all 'heavy'

Make your own custom floating bookcase

The horizontal shelves, including the top shelf, are glued to both uprights with dowels. Make the cabinet yourself by following the following steps:

1. Draw the dimensions and the holes for the dowels on the two uprights; a suggestion is to make a mold for the holes from, for example, cardboard;

2. Glue the parts to the cabinet, fixing a right-angled corner, for example by temporarily hammering a thin piece of wood against the back with a few small nails;

3. Mount two aluminum L-strips of 2x2cm under two shelves at the rear. That is for attaching the cabinet to the wall. These strips are mounted under (counting from top) the first and the fourth horizontal plank;

4. Sanding and finishing; and

5. Attach the whole to the wall with four sturdy bolts (2 per strip).

Custom floating bookcase

Exterior dimensions are 124.0 cm high by 38.0 cm wide; depth is 18.0 cm for the frame and 21.0 cm for the book-bearing shelves.

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