Pimping wall furniture with oak panels, by Arie

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Very easy

2 minutes

Description by Arie

It is not a large project, we have a lot of black and oak furniture. Recently found a TV and wall unit that suited us, but it was only black. We made these match the other furniture by placing an oak plate on top, so they can easily be matched to the other furniture. However, the furniture hangs slightly from the wall due to connection cables for lamps, TV, sound bar, etc. The oak panels do connect to the wall by making recesses to allow the cables to pass through.

How I made this project /h3>

As mentioned, this was simple by having the oak sheet sawn to the right size and placing it on the wall furniture, but the furniture hangs slightly loose from the wall to allow the cables to pass through the back and there is a recess in the plate made for the cables so that it connects to the wall, as a finish we used the plates with a colorless liquid from Urban Sofa called Pro Care to maintain a natural appearance. Since this was simple to achieve, a work description is not necessary for this.

Dimensions of my DIY project

1 plate of 146.5 x 40.3 cm and 1 of 111 .3 x 40.0 cm the outside dimensions of the wall furniture and from the wall to the front of the furniture.

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How next?

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