Could things in your home use a facelift? No problem at all! With sawn wood from you can easily refurbish anything yourself. From old furniture to built-in cupboards and even wall cladding, with our accurately dimensioned sawn timber, every do-it-yourselfer can do a lot of odd jobs by himself! What are you going to refurbish?

Refurbish old furniture

Old furniture often has a characteristic look. The problem with older furniture is that it often becomes less sturdy and sometimes less beautiful with age. Because of wear and tear and damage, it is sometimes necessary to refurbish a piece of furniture. On the outside, minor repairs and some painting are often enough, but internally there are elements that are best replaced. For example, a new back panel for a cabinet for extra reinforcement or new shelves to prevent the risk of breaking. Perhaps you want to convert an old piece of furniture into something new. For example, you can transform an old television cabinet into a china cabinet.

Renovate your house

Most renovation work on your house is best done by a contractor, but you can often do the finishing work yourself! For example, you can make and install new cladding or make new DIY fascias yourself. This saves you some money and you can decide for yourself what the end result looks like.

What are you going to renovate or refurbish? Get inspired by our projects below and get to work!