Wood rot repair of shed with plywood, by Dirk

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2 minutes

Discover Dirk's DIY wood rot repair

Are you dealing with the frustrating sight of wood rot on the underside of your shed? Dirk overcame this common problem by replacing the panels with custom-sawn panels. The approach and execution of this repair not only delivers a sturdy and durable result, but also transforms the aesthetic appearance of the shed - a source of inspiration for every handyman.

The beginning of the transformation

p>Dirk's project started with removing the damaged wood from the shed. The damaged parts were carefully replaced with new, sawn to size wood from TOSIZE.se. This not only offers a fresh and neat appearance, but also provides a long-term solution against wood rot.

The choice for quality and appearance

Multiplex Okoumé Watervast B was chosen for this repair project. /BB 15mm. A smart choice due to its excellent weatherproof properties and the attractive finish it gives to the shed.

DIY benefits: adaptability and cost savings

One of the biggest advantages of undertaking such a project yourself is the freedom of customization. Dirk was able to adjust the dimensions perfectly to the specific needs of his shed. This flexibility in dimensions is something that is often missed with prefab solutions. In addition, choosing your own material not only offers an opportunity to determine the quality and style, but also often results in significant cost savings.

The sustainable choice of Multiplex Okoumé Watervast

Waterproof Multiplex Okoumé is known for its long lifespan and is therefore an excellent choice for outdoor use, such as the repair of this shed. With a thickness of 15 mm, the material offers robustness without sacrificing its workability, ideal for any handyman looking for quality that can withstand the elements.

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How next?

Want to make this DIY project? Check out Dirk's saw list and complete your order easily.

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