Replaced shields for handrail holders, by Bas

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Shields between nickel handrail holders and the plasterwork. These are blind handrail holders that easily drill into the plasterwork during installation. The shields prevent this as a bridge between the handrail holders and the plasterwork.

Custom shields

The handrail holders that were originally attached were attached with three screws in plain sight directly in the rear wood that is located in the wall. I wanted a blind mounting with nickel handrail holders. After everything had been plastered and the locations of the rear wood had been marked, I had the shields made at Drilled through the back wood, placed a large Fisher plug and attached the new blind handrail holders. The shields are neatly placed between them so that the handrail holders do not cut into the plasterwork when tightening. Made from Multiplex Birch 12 mm. Shape: Circle | Diameter 9.0 cm. Radius: 5mm. Outer edge: Hollow profile at the top

The dimensions of the shields

Diameter 9.0 cm.

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