A custom tool cabinet under the stairs, by Marcel

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2 minutes

What to do if you want to store tools neatly and clearly at home? Then a custom tool cabinet for under the stairs might be a good idea. In this project Marcel shows how he works. To create this unique cabinet for his tools, he chose to order the sawn work (plywood poplar b/bb) online.

Description by Marcel

Custom tool cabinet for the space under the stairs as well as for the tools. With room for different sizes of bins, crates and tool cases. As well as a deep bottom drawer for the pipe bender, clamps and hand saws. But also room for a long standing row and, for example, a tension clamp.

How I made this project

First recorded the sizes of tools, cases and storage bins. Minimum heights and depths determined. Sketching, puzzling, thinking, measuring again and determining which construction is possible and useful. List of required materials drawn up. I thought that cut-to-size panels would be luxurious and, above all, very easy. Bought wood, screws, etc. and ordered plates online. In the meantime, the supports are level and attached to the wall. And finally the plates were fitted to the sloping side and the hanging support was attached. Perfecto.

Dimensions of my DIY project

wide 110.0 cm
depth 86.0 cm
height increasing from 110.0 - 184.0 cm - with a narrow high part of 260.0 cm

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How next?

Want to make this DIY project? Check out M.C.M.'s saw list and complete your order easily.

2 924,69 Skr

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