Symmetrical TV cabinet made of MDF, painted black by Jaimy

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Jaimy shares her custom DIY project where she built a symmetrical TV cabinet from MDF and painted it black. She shares detailed steps and helpful tips for creating this unique piece of furniture. With her approach, Jaimy has created a contemporary TV cabinet that fits seamlessly into her interior. Follow her steps and create your own personalized piece of furniture with a professional look.

Description of Jaimy

We wanted a large cabinet with our television in it. It was important to us that we retained enough access to the kitchen and that the cupboard reached the ceiling. Because of these specific wishes, we quickly ended up at to put together our perfect cupboard.

How I made this project

First of all, we are on location went to to view show models and to put together a cabinet with the friendly staff using the configurator. During this contact we were advised very professionally and helpfully about all the options. We then entered the last dimensions into the configurator at home and ordered the cabinet.

The cabinet was neatly delivered to our home and also arrived well protected and thoughtfully packaged. The instructions for building the cabinet are kept very simple and there is little room for incorrect installation. All parts are individually numbered and there is a clear description without too much text.

During the project I kept finding out that as much as possible was prepared from the sawmill and that it was the customer's responsibility. really made as easy as possible. Because we opted for Blank MDF, we still had to paint the cabinet itself. This was also made very easy because provides all planks on the end edges with a laminated strip in the same color of the plank, so you do not have to seal the edges yourself to prevent the absorbent effect of the MDF. to go. The material is also quite light in weight while it feels very sturdy. Exactly what we were looking for for this project.

Throughout the project, kept in touch via email to discuss progress and offered assistance if needed. Ultimately, we were able to realize this project completely as expected thanks to the extensive and well-thought-out preliminary work of We will definitely use again in the future!

Dimensions of my DIY project

258.0 cm high 230.0 cm wide 42.0 cm deep

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