Unique design bookcase, by Sander

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Design bookcases made of MDF, completely white finished with anthracite back walls and lighting.

The cabinets are inspired by an example on the internet.

Design and create your own bookcase

Found two cabinets on the internet as a source of inspiration. Then I started sketching and calculating. We then ordered all the sheet material online via OPMAATZAGEN.nl.

The various (intermediate) plank parts were first glued and then secured with screws. Everything has been sunk, grouted, sanded, sealed and primed. Everything has been further finished with a number of layers of lacquer.

The whole is finished with satin white lacquer with a satin anthracite back wall.

Surface lighting
Surface lighting was chosen to be used for sliding wall cupboards in bedrooms. This is somewhat warmer light because of the halogen. The lamps are glued to the top with super strong glue.

Final size: What are the outside dimensions?

Two cabinets, each approx. 217.0 cm high, 88.0 cm wide and a depth of 25.0 cm.

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How next?

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