Wall-mounted toilet made of luxurious wall panels, by Ronald

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In this DIY project, Ronald shows how he renovated his toilet with custom marble-look plastic panels. He opted for the luxurious black wall panel (MLN). He used this to create a false wall. The result is impressive.

Description by Ronald

The cistern of the toilet was removed from view by placing a front wall and top plate with a marble-look motif and aluminum cover strip , to finish it off.

How I made this project

Construction project is simple to do. Selected sheet metal, ordered online and had it cut to size. 2x beams of 1m x 35mm mounted vertically on the wall on the sides to screw the wall to with black screws. 1x beam 90cm x 35mm mounted horizontally on the wall above the cistern as a support point for the top shelf. Of course I used a spirit level. Drilled 1x hole of 38mm with a hole saw drill, for the passage of the pipe from the cistern to the toilet for the flushing water. 1x aluminum strip for finishing the front of the top horizontal plate. The result is impressive.

Dimensions of my DIY project

Length 100.0 x 90.5 cm wall plate
Length 90.5 x 29.5 cm for top cover plate

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How next?

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