Living room

Are you looking for fun DIY projects for your living room? Then you have come to the right place! We have made a cool selection of projects that are all perfect for the living room! From TV furniture to bookcases; what are you going to make?

TV cabinet

The TV cabinet of the past is not something you see very often anymore. Instead, there is now the made-to-measure TV cabinet, a low cabinet on which the TV is placed. A big advantage of a TV cabinet over a cabinet is that it can accommodate many different sizes of TVs. A TV stand is often wider than most TVs, while a TV cabinet is often narrower and higher. If you would like to have your own design of TV furniture, please use our made-to-measure configurator! With this tool you can easily design your own TV furniture and we will saw all parts to size.


Every living room needs a bookcase. Whether you have many books or not. A bookcase does not only have to house books but can also be used as a display case. A place for all your books and valuables that show what you love. You can make a bookcase yourself, but we can also customize your design for you! All you have to do is share your design with us through our custom configurator. We will then cut everything to size and deliver your self-designed bookcase as a convenient construction kit to your home.

Storage cabinet

If you don't want to display books in your living room at all and would like to have more space for beautiful objects, then a made-to-measure shelving unit is a great option. You can keep a shelving unit completely open, but you can also add doors, drawers or flaps to certain compartments. The choice is yours. 

What are you going to make for your living room? Get inspired by our projects below and get to work!