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Minimising waste

Did you know that we can supply more than 1500+ wood species? So we have a suitable board material with a unique look for every project, and we are proud of it! So we can help everyone, with every job. Yet we also face a challenge every day: how to ensure that as much wood as possible is used optimally. We have come up with a solution.

As you may know, wood and panel materials are sold in large panels or boards as standard. Are you going to prepare your job? Then you will always be most economical if you buy a whole panel. With a small amount of waste, you ensure that you make the best use of the panel and that is optimal for everyone. We prefer that too, because that way we can keep costs down. But do you want to solve a small problem? Then a whole panel is often way too much.

The hybrid model

We have therefore developed a hybrid variant: We supply the less standard board materials per whole board. The popular and common types of wood are supplied per m2. In this way, you can also solve your small project, have it cut to size and not have to buy a whole panel.

Minimising waste together

The well-known saying, 'together you make the difference' also applies to the processing of wood and board material. And this is how we see it with the timber industry. What is considered waste for one person can be put to good use for another's (small) project. We implement this principle in two different ways:

  1. You have the remainder delivered along, that way you might still be able to make something of it yourself
  2. We reuse leftovers. Does an order from a remnant fit? Then we use that remainder for your order and you take less square metres and pay less too!

For this reason, you may see the optimise button in your shopping cart. This means we have reserved a remainder for you. We will hold it for you for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, it is released again. This is how we try to reduce the number of square metres needed for each order. This means less waste, and possibly a (much) better price for you. And so everyone can make the best use of the stock.

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