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Save multiple projects

Do you have several projects you are preparing? Do you want to (temporarily) save a specific cart or project because the priority has shifted? Or are you preparing several projects at once? In that case, use our service to save projects in your account. 

Create a project

Saving products in a project is simple. Below are the three steps required to save your project:

  1. Compile the products as you like them and add them to the shopping cart
  2. Go to the shopping cart
  3. Click on 'Save products as/add to project
    • If you already have an account with us, you can name and save the shopping cart directly in your account. You can then find your saved shopping cart under the heading 'My projects'.
    • Don't have an account yet? Then create an account and save your project easily.  

Good to know / tips and tricks:

  • Give each cart a unique name, so you know exactly which version you have saved
  • You can easily save a new copy when you click 'Save my shopping cart'
  • You can easily find all shopping carts via 'My projects' in your account environment
  • You can also easily delete your projects when they become redundant

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