Attic transformation into hobby room with dormer window and cupboards, by Marc

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Inspiration for your attic renovation

Do you dream of transforming your attic into a personal hobby space? Marc has achieved this and shows with his project how you can create a practical and pleasant place with smart interventions such as a dormer window, integrated cupboards and good insulation.

Design of the dormer window and cupboards

The basis of the renovation is the light and spacious dormer window that not only provides more light and headroom, but also increases the panoramic view outside. This gives the hobby room an open and inviting atmosphere. Marc has also opted for custom-made cabinets that blend seamlessly into the sloping roof, so that every centimeter is used efficiently.

Functional doors and insulation

The doors in Marc's hobby room are tailor-made and harmonize perfectly with the interior. They provide access to extra storage space and enhance the sleek, modern design. The insulation used is also important in this project, which makes the space energy efficient and comfortable for use in all seasons.

The uniqueness of custom work

The wood for the cabinets and finishing is carefully cut to size by and installed by Marc himself. This proves that customization is not only accessible, but also that it gives you the freedom to choose materials and dimensions as desired, so that the project perfectly meets your needs.

Why a hobby room in the attic?

Why a hobby room in the attic?


The attic is an ideal space for a hobby room because it is separated from the rest of the house. This ensures peace and concentration, whether you are involved in model making, painting or another passion. Marc's choice of a neutral color scheme and natural wood makes the space timeless and flexible for different activities.

Benefits of do-it-yourself

By doing it yourself With this project, Marc not only saved costs, but also created a space that is fully adapted to his personal wishes. The flexibility in dimensions and choice of materials make this project unique and personal.

Style of the attic room

Marc has chosen a minimalist and modern style that radiates peace and space. The combination of the warm wood with the sleek white finish creates an atmosphere that is both inviting and functional.

The advantages of Multiplex Asian Goldplex

The choice of Multiplex Asian Goldplex for the cabinets and finishing has many advantages. This material is known for its durability and stylish appearance. The light weight and easy workability allowed Marc to handle and install the wood himself, adding to the DIY nature of the project.

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