Bar furniture with refrigerator and freezer, by Jeroen

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2 minutes


I made this bar furniture to conceal an extra refrigerator and freezer. We use this refrigerator and freezer in the summer when barbecuing and it is located right next to the sliding door to the garden. But a white fridge and freezer obviously looks much less nice than a bar where you can make mixed drinks, store wine bottles and of course grab a cold beer from the fridge.

Bar furniture with storage space

Of course I started drawing, the dimensions of the refrigerator and freezer were decisive. I also used an old wine rack to determine the previous measurements. I found that 9.0 to 10.0 cm between bottles works ideally. I then ordered the material on the website. Because this was my first project through this website, I kept it simple, without edging. The sheet material arrived neatly packaged and was perfectly tailored! There was no abnormality visible with the naked eye. Putting it together was done in an hour. Of course you need to pre-drill and countersink it, but then it's a piece of cake.

The wine rack was a little more complicated, by always clamping two parts properly, it was possible to make the recesses for the holes with a hole saw. the bottles. The trick turned out to be to first drill a piece (0.5 cm) on both sides with the hole saw, then cut it out with the jigsaw. And of course sand it smooth with the multi-tool.

I wanted to equip the upper part with a mirrored back wall. So I called the glass store. That turned out to be a bit more expensive than expected, but luckily I found a mirror whose size was almost the same. So that was ideal. The mirror was easily attached with an aluminum profile on the back.

And of course to finish it off: painting. In two colors, that was also the first time, but with a little frog tape it worked perfectly.

Custom bar furniture

LxWxH: 171.0 cm x 70.6 cm x 136 .6 cm

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