Create a shelving unit in the alcove of your living room, by Ricky

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3 minutes

How Ricky transformed a stylish cupboard into a niche

Need inspiration for a DIY project that is not only functional, but also adds style to your interior? Discover how Ricky enriched his living room with a custom-made cupboard that functions both as a built-in cupboard and as a wall cupboard. This cupboard is not only a showpiece in the room, but also offers sufficient storage space.

Design and realization

Ricky's compartment cupboard was expertly adapted to the existing niche in the room, where he opted for a sleek and symmetrical design that blends seamlessly into the environment. The bottom offers closed storage space while the open top cabinets provide space for decoration and books. With different compartment sizes, a dynamic but harmonious whole has been created.

Custom sawn by

The wood for this beautiful project was sawn to size by and the final realization lay in the hands of Ricky himself. Thanks to the exact dimensions of the wood, everything fit together perfectly.

Color and unique features

Ricky opted for a neutral, light gray color that matches the interior and gives the space a modern appearance. Unique details, such as the invisible hinges and the use of different thicknesses of MDF panels, make this cupboard special.

The cupboard as the center of the living room

The cupboard is located in the living room , a place where family comes together and where the interior is playful yet stylish. The cupboard fits perfectly with the robust wooden floor and is beautifully accentuated by daylight.

Advantages of making your own

Making your own compartment cupboard has many advantages. The freedom in dimensions ensures that the cupboard fits perfectly in the niche. Moreover, you can choose the material that suits your budget and taste, saving costs and creating a personal end result.

Stylish down to the last detail

The end result is a sleek, modern Shelving unit that beautifully combines function and form. The cabinet looks both timeless and contemporary and fits in with the minimalist style that can be found in many contemporary interiors.

Advantages of MDF Primed 30 mm

MDF Primed 30 mm is a excellent choice for cabinet construction, it provides a smooth surface that is easy to paint for a sleek finish.

Advantages of MDF Primed 18 mm

For the interior compartments, MDF Primed 18 mm used. This thickness is lighter, but still sturdy, so the cabinet is not unnecessarily heavy and looks balanced.

Advantages of MDF Fire Retardant 18 mm

The use of MDF Fire Retardant 18 mm adds an aspect of safety, ideal for a piece of furniture that is central to a living space.

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How next?

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