Creative Kitchen Makeover with Riveted Steel and MDF, by Lex

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Discover the transformation of Lex's kitchen

Are you looking for inspiration for a creative kitchen makeover that is both unique and stylish? Then look no further, because Lex has created a breathtaking transformation of his kitchen using riveted steel and MDF. Lex had his MDF panels cut to size by, and created a kitchen that feels both industrial and warm.

Creative project with attention to detail

The Lex's kitchen is the pinnacle of customization and originality. The sturdy construction of MDF Blank 25 mm and MDF Blank 6 mm boards provides a durable base, while the Faux finish and riveted steel give the whole an authentic and industrial character. All materials used have been carefully selected for their aesthetic value and practical applicability.

Chosed colors and textures

The dark, steel-like Faux finish on the surface harmonizes perfectly with the natural elements in the kitchen , such as wooden accessories and rustic decorations. Lex's use of robust handles and visible riveting provides a cool touch to his interior.

Kitchen as the center of the house

The kitchen, the beating heart of every home, is a central point at Lex where functionality and appearance go together seamlessly. The project fits perfectly in the space, partly due to the flexible possibilities of working with MDF from Lex has opted for a kitchen where you can not only cook, but also relax.

Benefits of making your own kitchen

The decision to make your own kitchen gives your unparalleled flexibility in dimensions and choice of materials. You have the freedom to use every inch of your space and can determine exactly which materials and finishes you use. Another significant advantage is that you can save significantly on your budget without sacrificing quality and design.

Style in the spotlight

Lex's kitchen is a beautiful example of industrial elegance. Every element, from the Faux finish to the visible riveting, has been chosen with care and contributes to a harmonious whole that feels timeless.

Benefits of the MDF used

MDF Blank 25 mm and MDF Blank 6 mm are ideally suited for these types of projects due to their easy workability and sleek finish. The MDF is easy to paint and can withstand a blow, which is ideal for daily use in the kitchen. In addition, the sleek surface of MDF gives a modern look to any DIY project.

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How next?

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