IKEA kitchen cabinets and drawers look like new again with pine carpentry panel, by Caro

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2 minutes

Very often the basis of a kitchen is still very good. And certainly not in need of replacement. This also applies to the kitchen Caro! She decided to replace the fronts of her Ikea kitchen and chose a sawn pine carpentry panel. The result is a beautiful kitchen that is almost new.

Description by Caro

After 15 years, the Ikea kitchen doors and drawer front had become a tatty appearance on the outside due to intensive use. But the insides still worked perfectly. What to do? I was looking for a sustainable and easy way to make the kitchen shine again. That's why we replaced all the fronts, there were 27 in total. The result: a beautifully sleek and impressive kitchen wall of low cabinets and drawers. We also included the dishwasher and kitchen under sink drawers in the line. Very happy with it. And so easy and fun to do.

How I made this project

1. Dimensions included of the existing fronts
2. Wood ordered: Pine carpentry panel of 18mm
3. Used the old fronts and doors as a template, by drilling out the screw holes of hinges and drawer holders exactly you get the exact dimensions
4. Everything put together in 5 hours
5. Everything painted with diluted white wood paint for a chalk effect. Then finished with transparent matte varnish.
6. Finished with a wooden pine carpentry panel as the top and very light aluminum flat handles.

Dimensions of my DIY project

External dimensions as a whole: width 580.0 cm, height 70.0 and 80.0 cm Standard old Ikea cabinet of 60.0 and 40.0 wide and 35.0 deep. In total there are 7 cabinets of 60.0, 2 of 40.0 and 1 of 80.0 next to each other.

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How next?

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