Custom made cupboard painted with lime paint, by Jillian

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2 minutes

Description by Jillian

Using the 3D configurator on the website, I designed a beautiful shelving unit for my kitchen. I wanted to put a number of items in the cupboard and I took that into account when designing the cupboard. The cupboard has a lot of storage space and has everything I wanted. I opted for a primed MDF cupboard and then painted it with lime paint from the Betonlook brand in the color Lin Plus. 

How I made this project

Almost anything is possible in the 3D configurator and if things don't work out, Ivonne from is ready to help you . Ivonne listens carefully to your wishes and has adjusted my design a number of times in the configurator. No waiting for days, but often a response the same day. Really nice! The package arrived as a kit and I immediately started putting it together. You will receive a construction drawing with clear instructions. All parts are numbered and therefore assembling is not difficult. The website contains various instructional videos that make assembling the cabinet even easier. After assembling I applied the primer from the Betonlook brand. Even though the MDF cabinet was primed, this was recommended for better adhesion of the lime paint. Because the cabinet was already primed, applying the primer was very easy. I hesitated whether to order the cabinet clear or primed because of the higher costs, but in retrospect I am very happy that I chose primed. I then painted the cabinet with two layers of lime paint in the color Lin Plus. I attached handles from Ikea to the doors to prevent shiny spots from appearing on the doors. The handles are painted in the same color, so that they are not very noticeable. 

Dimensions of my DIY project

Height 220.0 cm
Width 210.0 cm
Depth 40.0 cm

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How next?

Would you like to make this DIY project? This furniture is from our TOSIZE Furniture line. Create your personal custom-made furniture via our 3D configurator and receive it as a simple kit.

23 500,11 Skr

All materials used


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