Custom-made dining area with round corners and corner sofa, by Rob

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Inspiration for a stylish custom dining area

Are you looking for inspiration for a dining room that is both functional and stylish? Then get ideas with this unique custom project realized by Rob. A dining area with round corners and an integrated corner sofa that fits perfectly into the interior. Made with love, craftsmanship and high-quality wood from

The details that make the difference

Rob has created a dining area with precision and an eye for design that is not only space-saving, but also forms a seamless connection with the environment. The soft round corners of the dining area and corner sofa give a friendly appearance and contribute to safety in the home, as there are no sharp edges. The chosen white color of the Multiplex Interieur Poplar makes the dining area light and airy, which contributes to the serene atmosphere of the dining room.

A personal touch in the dining room

Why is this project suitable? so good in a dining room? The carefully measured sofa follows the contours of the room and offers ample seating without restricting freedom of movement. The organic shapes go hand in hand with the minimalist design, and the natural light accentuates the clear lines of the design.

The benefits of making it yourself

A DIY project like this dining area gives you the freedom to personalize every aspect to your liking. The sizing is flexible, so you can adjust the dimensions exactly to your own dining room. The choice of materials is also completely in your hands; Sustainable and high-quality Multiplex Interior Poplar was chosen here. Moreover, building your own is a way to save costs without sacrificing quality and style.

The style of Rob's project

The style of this dining area is modern with a Scandinavian influence ; the simple, but effective design radiates tranquility and functionality. The corner sofa and desk have rounded corners, which gives the set a soft and inviting look, suitable for various interior styles.

The advantages of Multiplex Interieur Poplar

Multiplex Interieur Poplar is known for its light weight and easy machinability. It is a versatile type of wood that is ideal for custom DIY projects, such as Rob's corner sofa and desk. The smooth finish ensures a sleek result and the strength of the material guarantees durable use. This project also used Bendable Cross Plywood, which due to its flexibility is perfect for creating round shapes without losing the integrity of the wood.

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How next?

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