OSB in your interior, Bianca shows how!

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We see OSB more and more often in interiors: cupboards, wall shelves, sofas, you name it. This versatile type of wood is an eye-catcher in your home! Bianca, also known as @thehome.and.fluff, shows how to OSB can be used to create a wall-to-wall sofa. She also provides inspiration for styling OSB in a romantic interior setting, read on to find out how Bianca tackled this!

The skeleton of the sofa

When you opt for a large storage bench , you want to be sure that it can support some weight. Bianca has made a skeleton from pine slats for this purpose.

Tip! Because the sofa serves as a decoration and storage piece, Bianca opted for a relatively simple base. If you want to use the sofa intensively as a seating area, we recommend placing several pine slats in the skeleton for reinforcement. This way you prevent the wood from sagging and you will enjoy it for the longest time!

Go for a flap bench made of OSB!

OSB is not only a robust, tough sheet material also super sustainable! The material is made from compressed wood chips that would otherwise be waste. OSB is a strong type of wood that does not or almost does not warp under the influence of moisture: ideal! Complete your interior with a unique piece of OSB furniture.

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The finishing touches

The furniture is assembled and ready to be decorated to become. Bianca did this beautifully! In addition to the fact that OSB is often used in industrial interiors, Bianca proves how versatile the material is. The material also comes into its own in a Scandinavian, romantic interior. Fine neutral, light tones in combination with natural elements such as pampas grass or plants give this type of wood even more atmosphere.

Tip! Also check out our handy DIY tips!

How next?

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