New shelves for existing wall cupboards, by Ben

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In this DIY project, Ben describes how he renovated the existing wall cabinets in his garage. He had concrete plywood cut to size and removed the corners himself so that it would fit perfectly. Read below how he tackled this project!

Description by Ben

I renovated my existing wall cabinets with custom-cut insert shelves at In my garage there are 4 existing wall cupboards with sliding doors. Each cupboard has 5 shelves which were made from bare timbers (which were very old and dirty). I ordered the correct size concrete plywood planks for each cabinet at layout saws. It involved 4 different sizes of planks (5 of each size). Dark Chinese poplar concrete plywood was chosen because it is well finished and therefore easy to keep clean. Also a nice sturdy shelf.

How I made this project

I removed the old planks and painted the inside of the existing cupboard. Ordered Chinese poplar concrete plywood 18mm dark from and had it cut to the correct size per cabinet. Made 5 shelves per cupboard. The different sizes of planks were sawn perfectly to size and fit exactly after cutting out the corner blocks. I painted the front of the shelves black. Very satisfied with the sawing work and the service of Would definitely recommend them.

Dimensions of my DIY project

Total width of the cabinet 4 meters (total 4 cabinets). Total depth of the shelves 52.0 cm. Width of the shelves vary per cabinet. See shopping list.

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