Oak countertop with IKEA kitchen, by Norman

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We have equipped our new IKEA kitchen with a beautiful oak worktop, so that we have more work space while baking and cooking. A true pleasure!

DIY: pimp your kitchen with Oak!

1: The left top is measured so that it is tailor-made for the actual space. I ordered the top with some margin because I could only measure the space exactly during construction.
2: Made the recess for the sink and the tap.
3: Glued the parts together and secured them to the kitchen cabinets.
4: Sanded the whole thing and finished the straight edge of the countertop by adding a beveled edge.
5: Applied a two-component lacquer twice and sanded it and finally applied a third layer.
br />6: The sink and tap installed.
7: Edges sealed.

Custom oak worktop

293.0 cm x 63.5.0 cm x 4.0 cm

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