Optimize your camper garage: smart storage space and gas bund, by Peter

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Create more space in your RV with a custom garage

Wouldn't you like to maximize the storage capacity of your RV without sacrificing style or functionality? Let's see how Peter has cleverly tackled this with his DIY camper garage interior, including gas bottle locker and storage for water tanks. This project is not only an example of space saving and efficiency, but also shows how a neat camper garage can contribute to a carefree camping experience.

Efficient storage and convenience with a gas bottle locker in the camper

By making clever use of space, a separate storage space has been created for the front seats and table, out of sight, but still within reach. The ingenious gas bottle has been carefully incorporated into the design and complies with all safety regulations, making your camping trip both comfortable and safe.

Detail and style in your camper interior

Peter used it for this project of custom-sawn panels from TOSIZE.se, which form the basis for this custom-made interior. The panels are made of Multiplex Birch HPL with an Opaque White finish, which gives a light and modern feel to the garage. The natural wood grain that subtly plays through the white surfaces provides a unique and stylish look.

Customization for every trip

Making these types of projects yourself offers countless advantages. This gives you the freedom to customize every aspect of sizing and material, which is crucial in the limited and unique spaces of a camper. Monitoring the budget also remains in your own hands, allowing you to save costs where necessary.

Homemade camper interiors: A stylish choice

The stylish appearance of this project fits perfectly with the practical and comfortable atmosphere that is so characteristic of life on the road. The soft white shade combines beautifully with many other accessories and interior elements in the camper, so that everything fits together seamlessly.

The advantages of Multiplex Birch HPL

Multiplex Birch HPL W10400 SD Opaque White 16 mm is not only pleasing to the eye, but also offers functional benefits. This wood is easy to keep clean, durable and can withstand the daily challenges of travel. Choosing such a durable material ensures that you can enjoy your camper garage for a long time to come.

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