Pegboard coat rack and shoe cabinet, by Linda

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2 minutes

In this DIY project, Linda describes how she designed a solution for her narrow hall. By making a cutting list, she could order the material cut to size online so that she could start working with it right away! Read below how she tackled this project.

Description from Linda

For our narrow hallway we have a pegboard coat rack, a radiator formwork, a pegboard coat rack for bags, a hanging area for key rings and made a shoe cabinet. We had birch plywood cut to size for this project. The shoe cabinet is from Ikea (Trones). What's nice about a pegboard is that it is modular; you can hang things at different heights and, for example, you can decorate it with shelves with something nice on them. And you can hang the jackets for your children at the right height, so that they can reach them.

How I made this project

Together with my father I designed everything in the open source program (free) Sweet Home 3D. We have made a cutting list based on this design. I was also inspired by fun projects on Pinterest. The large pegboard hangs on the wall with 2 steel profiles at the top and bottom. These are milled a bit into the woodwork. The small pegboard hangs on the wall with keyhole style cabinet hangers. We made the holes in the planks with a drill press. I got the birch sticks at the hardware store.

Dimensions of my DIY project

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How next?

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