Shelf above American refrigerator made of custom sawn oak wood panel, by Walter

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Very easy

1 minuut

Description by Walter

Custom sawn oak shelf above our American refrigerator. There is a nice space for an IKEA wine rack and cupboards for the cookbooks. This way we managed to fill the empty space above the refrigerator nicely. The shelf was accurate to the mm as specified and therefore fits perfectly between the wall and kitchen cabinet. Shelf supports made from the residual wood and finished with a wooden slat at the front so that you don't see the shelf supports.

How I made this project

I didn't really need anything special. With a battery toll, spirit level, hand saw, plugs, screws and mounting kit, basically everything that was needed. I made the shelf supports from the scrap wood provided. The custom-sawn oak panel of 95.0 cm wide and 65.0 cm deep rests loosely on the supports. Ikea cabinets and wine rack (custom made) used to make good and useful use of the space. It only took a total of two hours to complete the project. Happy with it!

Dimensions of my DIY project

95.0 cm wide and 65.0 cm deep

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