Modern living is a style that revolves around clean lines, minimalist details and a contemporary look. Symmetry is also an important detail that you often see reflected in a modern living room or living kitchen. If you love this style, then making DIY projects and furniture is a great way to give your interior even more personality. Upcycle your space from an old style, to a modern space. 

One of the most fun DIY projects you can make for a modern interior is to make your own furniture. Think of a minimalist sideboard or a sleek dining table. Our TOSIZE Furniture line is budget-friendly and ideal for putting together your modern furniture. Are you handy and want to make your own furniture? By making your own furniture, you not only create unique pieces, but also a sense of satisfaction and pride.

In addition, DIY projects also make it effortless to create accessories and decorations that fit perfectly the modern style. For example, make your own bookshelves or paintings with bright colours. Even making a plant holder or a lighting system can give your interior a contemporary and stylish look.

Another great DIY tip is to recycle materials and furniture. Think of IKEA hacks like rebuilding your IKEA Småstad or giving an old TV cabinet a new-look by mounting a plywood shelf on top. Upcycling old stuff gives your interior a unique look and contributes to a sustainable lifestyle.

But don't let other creative ideas stop you: experiment with materials and textures. Combining different materials such as wood, plastic, (plexi) glass and other melamine furniture panels. These can also give a modern look to your interior. Or use our wood and panel materials as a base and use fabrics such as leather and velvet to add a warm and cosy atmosphere.

In short, if you love modern living, there are countless DIY projects and ideas to give your interior a personal touch. Making your own furniture and accessories is not only fun, but also a great way to express your creativity and personalise your interiors. So what are you waiting for? Get started and create your own modern furniture and decorations!