IKEA hack: Create a playful children's room with pine carpentry panels, by Gerrie

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Very easy

3 minutes

Transform the children's room with a tailor-made play corner

Are you looking for inspiration to transform the children's room of your dream palace? Then take a look at this DIY project by Gerrie, where an IKEA Trofast storage system has been transformed into a unique and playful space. Discover how you can give a personal touch to your interior with pine carpentry panels.

Stars of the project: IKEA and pine

Thanks to TOSIZE.se Gerrie has beautiful pine wood can order to measure, which forms the basis for this beautiful project. The combination of IKEA's functionality with the natural beauty of pine makes this project an eye-catcher in any child's room.

Why IKEA hacks?

The popular Swedish home furnishing store is known for its modular and versatile products. With an IKEA hack you can go beyond the limitations of the standard range and create something that perfectly suits your needs. Gerrie's adaptation to the Trofast series is an excellent example of this.

Detailed Execution

The creation is characterized by a long pine bench that serves as both a storage space and a play area . The soft pastel shades of the cushions and the sleek, natural look of the wood make this corner a peaceful point in the room.

Unique features of the play corner

What distinguishes this project: are the thoughtful details. The Trofast storage bins are neatly built in under the sofa, creating a harmonious whole. The pine panels are kept in a natural color, which provides a warm appearance.

The Children's Room: A natural play haven

This play corner not only has an inviting appearance, but is also once functional. The pine sofa fits surprisingly well in this specific children's room due to its neutral color and robust material. It gives the room a feeling of peace and space, and at the same time offers enough storage space for toys.

Benefits of self-construction

Gerrie had full control over dimensions and choice of materials with this project. This not only makes the DIY project a lot more personal, but often also cheaper than standard solutions.

Stylish and Playful: Scandinavian simplicity

The minimalist aesthetic, characterized by clean lines and natural materials , reflects a Scandinavian style that is very popular today. The use of color in accessories creates a playful contrast.

Pine carpentry panel: Natural choice

Pine wood has many advantages: it is robust, durable and has a timeless appearance. The pine carpentry panels that were cut to size in this project by TOSIZE.se are ideally suited to the desire to create a sustainable and natural atmosphere.

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How next?

Want to make this DIY project? Check out Gerrie's saw list and complete your order easily.

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