Play corner with plank of Spruce Timmerpanel, by William

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We combined the chest of drawers (Ikea; Nordli) with a shelf to create a nice play area with desk and enough storage space for our children aged 2 and 4.

h3>Work description: how did you realize your project

We took the chest of drawers as a starting point and then opted for the maximum length of the shelf to create a desk space. To make it one whole, we also made two shelves on the side of the chest of drawers. All shelves are invisibly attached to the chest of drawers with screws drilled from the inside of the furniture. And the shelf on the desk side with a corner profile on the wall. The planks are treated with transparent varnish.

Final size: What are the external dimensions?

  • Plank Spruce Carpentry panel 28 mm top 248.0 cm × 49.0 cm; bevelled long side and short side right (if you stand for it)
  • Plank Spruce Carpentry panel 28 mm 53.4 cm × (48.9 cm and 48.5 cm) bevelled
  • Plank Spruce Timber panel 28 mm 53.4 cm × (48.5 cm and 48.9 cm) bevelled

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