Replaced fake wooden planks with real Ash panels, by Rien

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2 minutes


New bookshelves made of ash wood in the living room with the intention of replacing the old chipboard ones with a melamine coating.
Replaced a total of 7 shelves.

Wall shelves made of solid ash

We had bookshelves in our room hanging from melamine-coated chipboard (18mm thick) with “ash” print.
We were tired of that and so we decided to replace them with real ash of 26 mm thick.
For this, the wall first had to be painted in a shade of gray with a hint of red in it.
The rails and supports were given the same color as the wall
Then in the garage (workshop) the edges of the planks were slightly rounded and all sides sanded.
Then all sides have been treated 3 times with water-based transparent matt lacquer from Ceta Bever. Used a roller for this. I did this in two sessions, because there was hardly any room to let all the treated planks dry at the same time.
I sanded between coats (quite hard the first time to remove all the raised “hairs”).
Finally put all the planks in place. We think the room has been considerably renovated.
There is still a plastic cupboard. We also think we will one day implement this in ash.
The costs are currently keeping that plan on hold

The dimensions of the wall shelves

159.0 x 22.5 x 0.26 cm

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