IKEA hack: Low and long play table homemade for the kids, by Martijn

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Very easy

2 minutes

Martijn shares his experience with making a low and long play table for his children. He provides useful steps and tips for this IKEA hack. With his DIY approach, Martijn has created a practical and playful table that the children can enjoy for hours. Follow his steps and make your own long play table for the kids.

Description by Martijn

Beautiful play table for the kids. Together with two cupboards from IKEA, where we can store a lot of toys. The game table is three meters wide, so there is plenty of space

How I made this project

After looking a lot on the internet for different types of game tables for our children. We came across gaming tables several times with IKEA cabinets on which a top was placed. Unfortunately, these cabinets were no longer sold, but fortunately there is always Marktplaats. Here we came across these cabinets with black handles. Then we had to look for a leaf three meters wide. This turned out not to be that simple. Then we came to the site of TOSIZE.se. We had a wide choice here and we ended up with this magazine. Accurate to the millimeter and also beautifully rounded at the front. The delivery was nice and fast and our children are very happy with their new play table and we are happy with the beautiful and tidy result.

Dimensions of my DIY project

300.0 x 52 .2 cm

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How next?

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