New louvered doors for Freek's hallway cupboards

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We replaced two existing louvered doors of our hallway cupboards with custom-made pinewood doors to give our hallway a modern look.

How did you make the doors?

We replaced two existing Louvre doors with pine panel doors via The small door could be precisely re-hung on the existing hinges due to the exact dimensions. I primed this door once, then varnished it twice with Flexa Creations Industrial Gray. I had the large door mitered (45 degrees) via, and I eventually touched it up a bit with a planer (due to the uneven sizes of the existing cupboard). The hinges have also been replaced with two new black drill-in hinges. This door has also been primed and coated twice with Flexa Creations Industrial Gray. All in all, we are very satisfied with the result. The big advantage of custom ordering is that DIY stores do not supply these sizes anyway and you will never get it so nice and tight yourself without the right tools.

What are the dimensions?

Small door: 136.5 x 39.3 cm, 18mm thick
Large door: 225.0 x 48.0cm, 18mm thick

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How next?

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