Super beautiful oak leaf for the work van, by Quinten

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Quinten wanted to make a table in his work van to store various items while he repairs bicycles. He chose custom-sawn oak wood paneling as the panel material, because this wood can withstand a beating. Would you also like to make a table for your work van? Then take a look at Quinten's end result for inspiration!

Description of Quinten

I made a work desk with various cabinets and a beautiful oak top on top. It is a sturdy top that can take a beating! 

How I made this project

So I made a work desk in my work van where I repair bicycles. The top had to be large enough to accommodate various items while I am working. It is a nice thick top that can certainly take a beating, it has been varnished twice in advance with wood oil so that dirt does not easily absorb into it. The top certainly meets expectations and looks super nice, just like in the photos.

Dimensions of my DIY project

Length: 160.0 cm


Depth: 50.0 cm

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How next?

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