Make your own custom garden table from spruce carpentry panel, by Kirsten

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2 minutes

How fun is it to custom-make your own garden table? In this DIY project Kirsten shows how she went about this. She opted for a 40mm spruce carpentry panel and ordered it online. She could get started right away. She explains step by step what materials you need to make such a unique custom garden table.

Description by Kirsten

What do you need!
1 top 220x90 cm
2 x legs 60x74 cm
1 x cover rail 10x190 cm
4 screws 5x100mm
5 screws 5 x 120 mm
4 wooden dowels 16 mm
0.5 liter Induline

- drill
- jigsaw
- wood drill 5 mm
-sandpaper/ machine (120) br />- block brush
- speed drill 16 mm
- square

How I made this project

This is how you make the robust garden table. Order the pine wood to size. Choose the desired size for the top; this is 90×220 cm. Mark a recess of 4 cm wide and 5 cm deep on the 2 legs in the middle from the top with a square. Cut this out with a jigsaw. Cut a recess out of the underlap rail of 4 cm wide and 10 cm from the left and right side with a depth of 5 cm, so that the underlap rail can later be mounted in the recess of the legs. Drill holes in the legs 5 cm from the side with a 16 mm speed drill for the dowels. Also do this at the bottom of the table top, but then 27 cm from the side, and 20 cm from the front and back. Sand everything lightly and remove dust. Treat all material 3 times with Induline. Allow to dry thoroughly between treatments. Take the undershot rail and slide it into the legs, pre-drill the connection with a 5 mm wood drill and screw it in place with 5x100 mm screws. Put wood glue in the holes of the dowels and place them, place the top on the legs and bottom rail so that the dowels of the legs fall into the holes in the top. Drill 5 mm holes in the bottom rail with the wood drill and mount the spruce top to the bottom rail with 5x120 screws. Allow to dry and remove any excess glue.

Dimensions of my DIY project

220.0 cm long
90.0 cm wide
74.0 cm high

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How next?

Want to make this DIY project? Check out Kirsten 's saw list and complete your order easily.

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